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 a Hard Season 4.6 Server AND an Easy Season 4 Server

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MensajeTema: a Hard Season 4.6 Server AND an Easy Season 4 Server   Dom Ene 19, 2014 12:41 pm

The ForceMu team
is proud to present
a dual server containing
a Hard Season 4.6 Server
an Easy Season 4 Server
all in ONE Client

Server name: ForceMu
Owners: Tomi & Orly
Community Manager: Shalom
Programmer: Yoni

Hard Server Easy Server
Season 4.6 4
Exp 50x 9999x
Master Exp 1.5x 10x
Drop 30x 75x
Exc Drop 2000 2000
Jewel Drop 10% 100%
Zen Drop 30x 5x
BB off off
Reset 400 on website 400 on website
Max Stat 32,000 32,000
Skill Tree Enabled* Enabled
Summoner Enabled Disabled
Active 24/7 24/7
F.O. Items No Yes
*Summoner Skill Tree is disabled to prevent imbalanced PVP


The Server is now Active for more than 2 Years!
A lot of Season 4.6 options have been integrated in to the Season 4 Easy Server
No ATI Graphic cards problems
Personal Shops are based on GemStones - Not Zen
Get a GemStone and 10,000,000 zen when giving the Golden Skeleton Archer 15 Rena's
Fully oparetional Cash Shop - The X Store (press X while being in a safezone)
Earn credits for reseting - view reset system below
Experience the FULL PVP gameplay in our server!
Vulcanus Duel System works like a charm!
Force Box falls from Erohim - Land of Trials BOSS
Socket System is available on the Hard Server
Our AutoClicker is built ingame! Once you open the game, the AutoClicker opens as well!
F6-Activate Special Clicker | F7-Activate Normal Clicker | F8-Stop Clickers | F9- Setup Special Clicker Mode
F10- Open another game window | F11- Switch between the 2 windows | F12- Minimize the game

Hard Server: Website | Registration | Download | Forum - Soon
Easy Server: Website | Registration | Download | Forum - Soon

Hard Server Easy Server
10+ 70 70
12+ ~ 11+ 60 60
13+ 55 55
Lv1 Wings 65 65
Lv2 Wings 55 55
Lv3 Wings 40 40
Condor Feather 45 45
Horn Fragment 70 70
Broken Horn 50 50
Fenrir 30 30
Hard Server:
No Wings
Up to Black Dragon Set+6+Luck+28
Up to Crystal Sword+6+Luck+28
Up to Nova Spell
No New season skills
Limited Summoner curses
No Boxes
No Jewels
No Quest items

Easy Server:
Lvl2 Wings+13+Luck+28
up to Great Dragon+13+Luck+28
up to Knight Blade+13+Luck+28
All Spells
All Skills
Box of Kundun +1~+5
All jewels in shop except GemStone and Harmony
1st & 2nd Quest items


/evo - Completes third quest ONLY ON EASY SERVER
# - shortcut for posting


Hard Server Easy Server
Reset level 400 400

Reset cost 10,000,000 10,000,000
10 Resets Earn 2 Credits -
Grand(100) Resets - Earn 5 Credits

Hard Server Easy Server
Blood Castle on
Devil Square on
Chaos Castle on
Golden Invasion on
Cry Wolf on
Illusion Temple on
White Wizard on
Raklion Event on
Kanturu Event on

Good Luck to you all!
ForceMu Team
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a Hard Season 4.6 Server AND an Easy Season 4 Server
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